"Our mission is to offer the highest quality in customer service while being dedicated in providing you with outstanding, efficient and friendly assistance in the origination and maintenance of your loan".

Company Bio

Post Falls Title Loans

Post Falls Title Loans is licensed in the state of Idaho to lend money to individuals on their clean and clear titles and or checking accounts.  We have been serving the Northwest since 1998, and home of your fastest and friendliest cash providers.  We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of customer service to all of our valued customers; we even have a drive-thru for your convenience!

Post Falls Title Loans does not conduct credit checks and there is no waiting for your cash! Post Falls Title Loans is an equal opportunity lender, whose title loans are based on simple interest.  In other words, you are only charged interest on the number of days you have the loan.  There are no early payoff penalties and no late fees; your interest accrues on a daily basis, so if you have the loan for 19 days, you will only pay 19 days of interest. You also have the option to make monthly payments. 

Our Payday loans are for 14-days and are to be paid in full!

Sandpoint Title Loans

Sandpoint Title Loans is truly the only local loan store in Sandpoint!  We have been in this area since 2001 and take great pride in being the local leader in title and payday loans; and are known for always providing excellent customer service and a friendly welcoming face!

Sandpoint Title Loans does not conduct credit checks and will loan on any year vehicle! As long as it's running, available for inspection and you have a clean title, we will loan you cash.  We are also an equal opportunity lender whose title loans are based on simple interest.  Simply put, you only pay interest on the number of days you have the loan.  Keep the loan for 14 days, pay only 14 days worth of interest!  We also don't believe in early payoff penalties or late payment fees! Plus, if your loan payment date is not convenient, no worries we can help with that as well!

Our payday loans are for 14-days and 30-days (Social Security Customers) and are to be paid in full on due date!